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9 march 2006

Looter-Proof Home

Homes on my street were looted fairly extensively.

When we noticed that my home had not been looted even while the place was uninhabitable, we started to wonder why.

Here's what we came up with:

1. I live in a raised home and my main living area was above the water. Windows on that level are hard to access without a ladder.
2. I don't have the thin decorative windows by my front door or back door that can be easily broken which will then allow an intruder to just unbolt the door from the inside.
3. Also I don't have any glass doors or doors that contain glass.
4. All windows on the flooded ground floor have bars
5. We nailed the downstairs doors to the frames.
6. We placed little flashing LEDs that run on watch batteries near several of the windows imitating some sort of security system.
7. Prayer was also used.
8. We eventually removed all objects of value except for my living room TV which we secretly hoped would be looted as we've been eyeing those nice plasma sets.

If anyone has other looting-prevention techniques besides razor wire and auto-trip shotguns, email me right away. Looting season is approaching again rapidly.

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